About Us

We grew up in a family that has worked in the safety and efficiency business since 1998. A generation later, we have learned the industry inside and out giving us the ability to help our customers tackle any safety project with our protective gear that ranges from general safety gloves to cut resistant gloves. 

We started small, selling our popular gloves on eBay and prided ourselves on being a "Top Rate" seller with over 300 sales since April 2020. Our customers have raved about our customer service, fast shipping, and high quality gloves. With our business growing quickly, we realized we could help our customers save more on our products if we were more cost effective by skipping the eBay selling fees.

Have any questions about your project and which gloves is perfect for you? We will be happy to guide you along and answer any questions until we understand exactly what product of ours you need to fulfill your goals. We strive to provide our customers a glove that will give them a feeling of safety and comfort when they work.